Shackled, But Celebrating Independence

Today, we are proudly celebrating Pakistan’s Independence Day. But I wonder, why? Are we really independent from oppression, from the barbaric thirst of murdering innocents, from the opposition of other races? A real pity is the realization that sixty eight years ago, the British and the Indians were inflicting this agony upon us, but today, in what we consider a modern age, it is us, the Muslims, the Pakistanis oppressing, killing and opposing our selves.
While the sacrifices carved by our ancestors are insurmountable and indubitably, can not be overlooked, the situation in the country is irrevocably deplorable and growing dire by the minute. In the twentieth century we bled for a land, but today, it is the nation out of whose wounds black blood mercilessly oozes out of. Back then, our properties were confiscated and burned by another race, but the irony is that today, we are burning our own country to the ground, to ashes.
While I do not oppose the independence day celebrations, i can not quite come to accept it. One day a year, we are waving flags and painting our faces green with so much vigor and passion and we are overwhelmed with patriotism and valour, the remaining three sixty five days in a year, we are doing everything on the contrary. We are thriving, but with greed and a tangible sense of self-preservation. We are driving foward, not on the basis of the foundation of this country, which is Islam, but destruction.
Are we sure we really want to celebrate Independence Day today? Because our ancestors achieved Pakistan gallantly but we are own own charge, repelling our own people, shackled to short-lived outbursts of patriotism that are as good as dead, giving birth to chaos when the air is yet still impregnated with hopes belonging to the spirits of our ancestors, whose efforts to achieve these grains of sand are monumental but alas, in vain!


The star-ridden sky tempestuously descends upon us
Swollen with unjust divinity, its lights guide us home
And into a realm where it’s you and I and just us alone
For here arises an echoing silence, impregnated with hope

Bathed in your tangible presence, unfathomably palatable
And when your merciless gaze begs to be aligned with mine
It is your savagery and benevolence that makes me unwind
We ravenously kindle passions, so brazen, it renders us blind

Peer past the horizon, it’s where the tranquil infinity resides
Surrender to the fantasy, a labyrinth of myths where we lie
Worship your god but let your fidelity be entwined with mine
Make me the sight to your eyes, let the untamed fiends collide

Let the grief of your sins gently escort you to paradise
But into an inferno where your dreams dissolve into mine
Burden me with hollow promises even if it’s only for tonight
Embrace me, let the night deliriously fade but burst into life.


You and I, as we salaciously surrender ourselves to the night
It’s as the clock ruthlessly chimes and nightingales blithely cry
That your insatiable demons come alive & begin to please mine

It’s as we flare up and fall that we remain ravenously entwined
Under the starry sky, atop the grains of sand, within moonshine
You and I, we are cosmically drawn to an infernally divine light

We bask in the pleasures that we’ve purloined from the beyond
Caressed by a tempestuous breeze, and we give in to our wrongs
From paradise do we godly descend and for infinity do we depart

It’s as we rise with the sun that we chivalrously begin to glide as one
Your whispers, my desires and our unholy embrace tangibly combined
And within the thrall of a passionate need that we truly begin to unwind!

Our Descent.

Pray and tell, do you believe in reminiscing about the past or does your faith lie in the famous proverb ‘never look back’?
In my opinion, both the former and the latter remain contradictory to one another. One can’t live in the present while pondering upon the past, neither can one live without springing a lesson from it. And we certainly have a hands-down proof.
Take the deteriorating political condition of Pakistan, for instance. We started from a united and a tranquil community which believed in brotherhood and peace, and today, the high ground that we ‘apparently’ stand upon is composed of a community which believes in religious discrepancies and reduction of our own people to ashes, and all in the name of greed and self-interest.
From the undying struggles undergone by our ancestors, today we stand here, not at war with another religion but instead, with our own. Not with racially different political parties, but with those of our own nation. The irrefutable combat that our ancestors took part in taught us many lessons, but we did not learn anything from it, did we? Because our minds loiter within an oblivion, juvenile and unripe, like that of a child.
Our political leaders, are more obsessed with delivering us with hollow promises and filling their sagging tummies illegally with wads of cash. In this decade, particularly, the egos of the political leaders are more empowering than their dedication to their nation’s citizens. Take a glance at the traffic system, our education system, our communal system, there isn’t an ounce of dignity or any sense of law that prevails. We haven’t evolved.
And quite evidently, we are not at all acquainted with wisdom. Because by the end of the day, we are cowards, defying reality and sticking to our own comfort zone, rather than holding our heads high and bringing about even just a minor revolution.